Summer Chess Camp

Mondays and Fridays, June 12 – July 28, 9 AM to 4 PM

Each student will experience a mix of in person lead instruction, computer lead exercises, and games against fellow classmates in this five day class aimed at introducing students to various tactics, opening strategies, and common mistakes made in the game of chess.  The class is intended for individuals who know how to play through beginning tournament players ages six through 12. Due to limited facilities, class is limited to 25 students.

The day is broken up with a lunch break and some individual time so that students are not overwhelmed with material or fatigued with any one type of content.  Cheese pizza will be provided, but students must bring their own water refillable water bottles (we have a water fountain). Students will be provided with online access to a Chesskid account to be provided to the students for participating with other students and accessing other learning materials between classes. 

In the event of an emergency, we need a contact number to notify you of event cancellation or any possible problems.
Our primary means of communication. You will be mailed a receipt. This is also how we resolve issues.

Student Information

Given name first, then family name in the second box.
The grade the student will be attending while participating in the chess club.
Is there anything we should know about your student? (Medical conditions, special considerations, accessibility, etc.) Additional phone numbers?
2% of all payments go towards supporting a more sustainable and greener future.