Smoke Rise Elementary

thinkCHESS is happy to partner with Smoke Rise Elementary.

Elementary School to provide students with the opportunity to learn the game of chess in a manner that develops Critical Thinking Skills™. Each week our coaches work with students to impart knowledge that ranges from the rules of the game, etiquette of play, understanding chess position, tactics, and strategical planning. Each lesson is divided into lecture and practice periods, with students exercising their new skills with their fellow classmates. We provide support beyond the classroom by allowing the students to access an online platform that lets them review key lessons, watch chess videos, play chess against the computer and classmates, and participate in tournaments. The platform has built in security measures to ensure the safety of the students and to limit any possible problems. Let’s play chess together.

When: After school on {TBD}
Where: 4780 Hugh Howell Rd, Stone Mountain, GA 30087
Dates: {TBD}

In the event of an emergency, we need a contact number to notify you of event cancellation or problems at the tournament.
Our primary means of communication. You will be mailed a receipt. This is also how we resolve issues.
10% discount per sibling or family member if multiple students are registered from the same household.

Student Information ___________________________

Given name first, then family name in the second box.
The grade the student will be attending while participating in the chess club.
Primary Teacher for this student.
Is there anything we should know about your student? (Medical conditions, special considerations, accessibility, etc.) Additional phone numbers?
2% of all payments go towards supporting a more sustainable and greener future.